In the Houston area many adults play regularly in the various traditional Irish music sessions around town. (In the jazz world these would be called ‘jam sessions.’). There has, however, been a dearth of opportunity for young people to learn the music and play with any frequency in a wholesome environment. This has limited their numbers, their growth as musicians, their ability to develop their Irish style and repertoire.

We established the school help youngsters join in the fun and enriching experience of playing traditional Irish music. Our bi-weekly group lessons give students age 6 to 21 the opportunity to play in a group while learning new tunes and polishing up their playing of tunes already learned. Our faculty comprises a number of excellent Irish musicians who serve as private tutors to teach the instrument and further guide students in learning the common core of Irish tunes, while abiding by the School’s Code of Conduct. Our faculty also offer private lessons for adults. The school also will be arranging performance opportunities, including recitals for the families, and public performances at places such as retirement homes, churches and schools. There are occasional opportunities for field trips as well.

The school was originally formed as part of the Traditional Irish Music Education Society, but as the success of the school quickly grew along with its size, TIMES unanimously agreed to spin off the organization into its own entity. The school owes much to the leadership of TIMES for their support and guidance and looks forward to continued good relations.

School of Irish Music Inc

The School of Irish Music Inc. is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) certification from the IRS. The School so far is comprised of the North Texas School of Irish Music, with branches in Allen, TX and Murphy, TX, and the Houston School of Irish Music.

We are grateful to the University of St. Thomas and especially their William J Flynn Center for Irish Studies for their support in providing class rooms at the University for our activities.

Our program includes fund raising for travel to music competitions and events, music scholarships for children in financial need, concerts and events to promote Irish music, and especially traditional Irish music education.